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Here’s the story y'all been asking for. Grab some pop-corn, buckle in, and join us for a roller coaster ride through our past, present, and future.

And hey, if you make it to the end of the line, there might even be something in it for you…

PT1 UNLOCKS: 05 Oct 2018P2: 19 Oct 2018P3: 02 Nov 2018P4: 16 Nov 2018P5: 30 Nov 2018

While based on actual events, this story is completely fictitious. Any "similarities" with real-life individuals and corporations are purely coincidental.


20 years ago, we set forth on a quest to gather TCG fans together. At the speed of dial-up, aspiring champions emerged from basements, libraries, and comic book stores across the world, to join a movement united by the love of great games and the competitive spirit.

As the popularity of TCG’s grew, we grew with them. With millions of fans across the world, creating thousands of jobs, TCG’s became more than a game, it became an industry and a lifestyle.

While TCG companies have been busy celebrating flashy milestones, many fans and retailers who have been on the long journey to get this far, are wishing things could go back to how they used to be.

For the TCG industry in its current form, there is no going back. But while fond memories still burn in our hearts, there is hope for a return of the classic elements that made TCG's great in the first place. The road trips. Top 8 high fives. Life chats over the hobby store counter. Playing until the sun sets and the store owner kicks us out. Continuing to play until the sun rises and pizza boxes scatter the living room floor. Finally getting that card we always wanted to own. Selling it to pay for life. Trying to explain to our grandparents what the hell this thing is we spend all our time doing. The stirring emotions when we hold our favourite cards and they whisper tales of “who when where what” that only a treasured friend who has witnessed our life could know.

TCG fans and the independent retailers who made this industry what it is today have not forgotten where we all came from, and we have not forgotten you.

Respect the past. Design for the future. Create(/ing) a better TCG industry today.

[Q2 2019]